Blonde Toners of Pink and Sand

Blonde hair has always been fun.This season it’s all about being inspired by nature and using colours like Pastel pinks, apricots, sand, ice and lavender to create blonde hair that stands out from the rest.I now also offer Schwarzkopf Fibreplex technology to ensure 94% less breakage and healthy strong keratin bonds in the hair.I add it to your colour bowl, do a keratin bond sealing treatment ,massage and hot towel to ensure your hair is strong , healthy and full of life.You then take home a treatment to do once or twice a week and your hair will never feel the same.It’s the best technology there is for blonde hair.Be inspired and book your blonde service in soon to have fun with pastel tones.

Healthy Highlights for Summer

Having your Hair highlighted whether by freehand techniques, foils or baliage is like doing a summer in Indonesia and having that summery glow. Going Light is fun but I’m writing this blog as I am passionate about detail and care. It’s important to know you’ll get the blonde you desire but that your hair is well cared for by your colourist of choice. It takes years to grow long hair and one simple colouring session can make or break those ends. Blondes out there know what I’m talking about I’m sure. Choose a colourist who uses quality colour brands, cares for detail, keeps an eye on the clock and recommends home hair care to keep your locks looking beautiful. Most of all – ENJOY SUMMER and Love your Locks.

Healthy Highlights for Summer

2017 Trends

Inspired by New York Fashion Week and this great shot by Photographer: Phoebe Cheong . This season sees more textured haircuts for both men and women. Razor cutting is high trend and I think that lived in look is awesome. Yes the clipper fade will stick around but with it comes texture and I like it. See more of what’s inspired Hair trends and follow my instagram: allyjoyhair. Stay salty though as after all that’s why we all love summer right?

Copyright 2006 Phoebe Cheong, all rights reserved

Phoebe Cheong, Photography.

Curly hair

Ever wanted curls and wished you had more texture? I’m in love with Redheads and wanting to bring back the perm this next new season so stay tuned.Schwarzkopf are releasing a new curl cream called curl honey so that’s exciting too. If your curls are on struggle street keep them well hydrated. A nice hydrating shampoo and moisture masque for the winter and leave in treatment does our curls the world of good.If the 80’s are creeping back into our wardrobe then lets hit the perm rollers and have some fun.X


Hair Trends for 2016

2016 is the year for BRONDE the new word for baby highlights mixed with baliage techniques to enrich blondes with a little more depth and put life back into over highlighted locks. Make those blue eyes pop this year with warmer tones of auburn browns mixed in with soft baby lights. Bobs and Bangs(fringes) are also taking stage with textured cuts adding life to the favourite bob length. For the boys exchange your man bun for a nice clippered undercut. Embrace the change.This year i’ll be working mobile Thursday , Fridays and Saturdays. Book ahead to secure a spot X love Ally


The hipster twirl

Ok, so there’s the hipster look and I can do the fade and clippered in parting. In fact I love it! The man bun pushes the feminine barrier but when i visited the states a few months ago and saw the moustache twirl. Lets just say it was hard not to smile in that smirky kinda manner. It’s cool the guys are expressing themselves but kissing a man with a twirled up mo pushes my limits.


Garden Party shoot

My Friend Nat has a fun clothing business called Second loves. She is gifted in finding gems of the clothing kind and thus one sunday afternoon we decided to get together, play with clothes and shoot some Garden party images. Hope these inspire. Shopping through businesses like Second Loves Byron Bay @secondloves_byronbay is not only a find way to find unique pieces for your wardrobe but a sustainable way to shop. Thanks for a great afternoon and to photographer @_carlybrownphotography_


garden party

garden party



Wedding tales

I love weddings! This one was a favourite of mine as the morning of the wedding i took a walk on the beach and was thinking of the Bride and groom to be and as i looked down on the sand, there was this heart shaped rock. I picked it up and thought it’d be lovely to give it to the bride as she got ready to walk the isle.A lovely morning getting ready was had, then the rock came out to confirm what a special day it was. Getting married in Byron is bliss. I love my job.Love Ally x

byron wedding 2byron wedding.

The Barber’s Pole


Ever wondered why Barbers have red and white poles out the front of their shop? Today on the streets of Byron Bay, I paused to observe the famous “pole” and then hit google to find out why. Basically, since the dark ages priests and monks performed surgery up until the time of the Roman catholic church forbid the priests to perform such tasks. And so, Barbers were then expected to perform bloodletting and other medical procedures: teeth extraction, cupping, leeching, setting breaks and other minor surgeries all happened at the Barbershop. Even amputation!

So , why the pole? Well, bloodletting was the most popular.The client grabbed hold of a white rod with a firm grip whilst a blade was used to make them bleed into a bowl. After this the bandages came out and the dirty ones were then washed and hung out to dry on the pole outside.Thats where the red and white pole comes in.

Some poles have blue in them which is said to represent the veins. Others propose that the blue in the USA it represents the national colours. But be warned, in parts of Asia, a pole like this can have a double meaning and sometimes represent a Brothel.I for one am glad things have changed and “the surgeon” is now separate from “the Barber’s” chair. A chair that should nurture your health, yes; but in a way that makes you smile and leaves you unscarred. A cool piece of history hey? No wonder i dream of one day being a nurse. love Ally X